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Dit is de consultatie versie van het Twiin Afsprakenstelsel Release 1.2.0

10.2.4 | TTA FHIR - Pull

This exchange pattern (Direct Pull) is informative. Not for implementation in Twiin 1.2

This Twiin Technical Agreement (TTA) describes and specifies technical responsibilities to which parties agree when connecting to exchange transactions to facilitate the Direct Pull.

The retrieval of a patient’s medical record might for instance be initiated to retrieve history when the patient is scheduled for a patient requested second opinion. This transaction will only be supported with explicit consent of the patient.

Sequence diagram

The sequence diagram below visualises the flow for the Direct Pull interaction sequence based on HL7 FHIR®.


The section consists of two steps. The steps correspond to the numbers in the sequence diagram.



Retrieving Organization performs Pull interaction(s)


The Retrieving System executes the necessary FHIR queries to retrieve the necessary information for the usecase.

See for a detailed description for the retrieval of resources.


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